How to manage the SVS layers using a Deployment Server job

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How do I manage and deploy SVS layers using a Deployment Server Console job?


  1. Within the Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Admin, click File > Create New Layer, and choose the Install Application option. Name the layer. Click Next. Click Single Program Capture or Global capture (your preference), then click Finish.
  2. In the SVS admin, right-click and choose Deactivate Layer. Right-click again on Layer and choose Export. Export the layer to the eXpress\SVS\Layer name.
  3. When finished, it will state "The import/export operation has completed successfully." Click OK.
  4. Within the Deployment Server Console, right-click on the Job pane and click New Job, and then click Manage Layers.
  5. Browse to the Layer.vsa in the eXpress\SVS\. Under the Software virtualization options, choose to Import Package and click the Action as Activate.

  6. If the client does not have the SVS agent installed, there is also an SVS agent install job located under Samples > SVS install to change the 120-day trial key. Click the Install Package under the Task and then click Modify under the Additional command-line switches and modify PRODUCT_Key=XXXXXXXXXX. 
  7. Drag the job to the clients which need the SVS agent installed. If the SVS agent is already installed then skip this step and drag the Manage Layer job.
  8. After the Layer has been deployed, you can create a Second job to Manage the SVS Layer on the client. Click New Job again, and then click Manage SVS Layer. Select the .vsa layer and then, under the Software virtualization options, choose Manage. Select the option you would like to use.

See article 20552, "Can Software Virtualization Solution be managed through Deployment Solution?" for command line script option.

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