How to create Ghost uEFI boot media with batch files.

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You will need the Ghost uEFI binary files. To get the latest ghost patched binaries please contact Symantec support team as per the information provided at

To proceed, download the Windows ADK (Windows Automated Deployment Kit) installer from the Microsoft site: .

Follow the instruction given in the Readme file under the Installation instructions section to install. Either begin the installation immediately, or choose to download the files needed to install on a remote computer.
You must also refer to the system requirements section, which contains the pre-requisites.
Follow the below instructions to create the boot package. These instructions are similar to those in the ADK user guide.
Note: The patch binaries that are provided with this GSS 2.5.1 fix do not support 32-bit uEFI computers. The updated files are for use using the WinPE 4.0 version in a Boot Disk environment. They will not work in the Ghost Solution Suite Console. 
List of ghost patched binaries are as follows:
Ghost64.exe (
Gdisk64.exe (
GhConfig64.exe (
DeployAnywhere64.exe (
DriverManager64.exe (
GhostExp64.exe (
The purpose of this article is to create a Windows PE 4.0 boot package in the form of an ISO image using the GSS 2.5.1.fix that can be written on a USB thumb drive, a CD, a DVD, or used with a virtualization environment as a bootable image.
Create the following directories:
Once the MS ADK had been installed copy the boot.wim file (winpe.wim) from the amd64 folder that is located under the ADK installer directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\en-us), to the C:\WinPE folder.
Copy all the ghost binaries provided in the patch into the C:\WinPE\Ghost directory.
Download any new Win8_x64 NIC drivers and or Storage drivers(if necessary) into C:\Drivers. Drivers need to be obtained from either the component manufacturer or from the company that made the computer. These should be Windows 8 or Windows 2012 drivers to work properly with the WinPE 4.0.
Note: The following commands are for the Microsoft ADK application and are not supported by Symantec Technical Support. If these instructions fail, please contact Microsoft and their technical support. Symantec supports the Ghost binaries and their use.
Download the Win8_x64 NIC drivers and Storage drivers (if necessary) to C:\Drivers. These are the drivers that will be used by the WinPE 4.0 and will not be used by the main operating system. You will use the DriverManager64 and DeployAnywhere64 for drivers that you will want to use with the newly restored operating system. 
Two files are attached to this document - Winpe1.txt and winpe2.txt. Download these two files and rename them to Winpe1.bat and Winpe2.bat. Copy them into the Winpe folder.
Run command,
C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /k "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment Tools\DandISetEnv.bat". In one case it had to be put in this way - C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /k C:\"Program Files (x86)"\"Windows Kits"\8.0\"Assessment and Deployment Kit"\"Deployment Tools"\DandISetEnv.bat.
Navigate to C:\Winpe> and run winpe1.bat
Hit Enter to continue, when prompted to press any key. On some systems you may have to run this file as an administrator.
To add drivers, Run the following:
Dism.exe /Image:c:\winpe_x64\mount /Add-Driver /Driver:c:\drivers /Recurse
When the command above has completed, either winpe1.bat or command to add drivers:
Navigate to c:\winpe_x64\mount\windows\system32;
Copy the "startnet.cmd" file from the folder above into the C:\WinPE folder;
Open the startnet.cmd file with Notepad.  Replace the contents with the command lines listed below:
@echo off
wpeutil disablefirewall
cd \ghost
start ghost64.exe -ntic -ntil -ntexact -ib
Save the file in the WinPE folder then copy and replace it under c:\winpe_x64\mount\windows\system32. Close the mount folder window. 
Navigate to C:\Winpe> and run winpe2.bat
Hit Enter to continue when prompted to press any key. 
There will be an iso file named winpe_x64 that will be created in the c:\winpe_x64\ folder.
When done burn the iso to CD/DVD and proceed with network imaging.



Rename this file to Winpe1.bat
Winpe1.txt (4 kBytes)
Rename this file to Winpe2.bat updated 6/6/2014
Winpe2.txt (1 kBytes)

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 More information on the uEFI Ghost 2.5.1 solution can be found in the Knowledge Base (KB) document DOC6587 

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