Overcoming Database Connection Issues when Installing Wise Package Studio

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Overcoming Database Connection Issues when Installing Wise Package Studio


In trying to create a new instance of the install for Wise Package Studio for another area of the company, we performed the following steps:


1.     We created the databases on a Test SQL 2000 server.  To do this we needed to make the account an SA on the server in order to get them created. 

2.     We then moved the 3 WPS databases, Software Manager, Wise Services, and the Workbench database to a Production SQL 2000 server.  We then initiated the Wise Data base Repository Configuration.  The next two screen shots show those pages:

1.     Now that they are created and have been moved to the Production server we are trying to run the configuration tool to point the application to the Production SQL 2000 server that the databases now live on.  The account that we have been using is setup as a DBO on the databases, since they are already created we shouldn’t need the SA authority any more, right?  But we get the following error when going through the wizard to connect the databases.  We are installing Wise Package Studio 7 with Service Pack 3.  We would like to use NT Authentication using a service account that we created for this purpose. 


Interestingly enough, there are a couple of important things to remember.


1.       Wise Package Server requires SA account equivalency for the creation of the databases.

2.      The database server should be configured to use mixed-mode authentication (SQL 2000).  For 2005, the screen shot below shows the SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode radio button checked.  This is the same.

Once we knew this, we were able to take a basic test environment and setup the software, and then determine the actual operational-level permissions so that we could safely and successfully run Wise Package Studio. 


Our procedure to do this was to install the software using default permissions, noting what was set.  We then removed all SQL accounts and set security up from scratch.  We were then able to produce the list below of the permissions required in SQL to run WPS. 


Please use this table as a reference of the items in SQL and how they need to bet set.


Windows NT Service Account:


                WPS_CM_L06\Altiris (This is the test account we created for our environment, yours will be different)


                                Schema:                 DBO

                                Role:                       DBO

                                Mapped to:             DBO


On Install Wise Generated SQL Service Account:




                                Schema:                 DBO

                                Role:                       DBO

                                Mapped to:             Itself (own login)


Windows NT Group:


                Wise Package Studio Users   (Again, what we created in our environment)


                                Schema:                 DBO

                                Role:                       Datareader, Datawriter

                                Mapped to:             Itself (own login)




                                                Software Manager Database:               

                                                                                                                GetPackageKeys                                   (Execute)

                                                                                                                GetParentRepositoryID                        (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_FileConflict                                      (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_FileConflictByFile                           (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_FileConflictByGroup                       (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_FileResources                 (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_GetMOduleFileStrings                    (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_GetMOduleRegStrings                   (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_RegConflict                                     (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_RegConflictByGroup                      (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_RegConflictByKey                           (Execute)

                                                                                                                sp_RegistryResources                         (Execute)

                                                                                                                st_AddDestPath                                     (Execute)

                                                                                                                st_AddRegPath                                     (Execute)

                                                                                                                st_AddSrcPath                                       (Execute)

                                                                                                                WD_AppFileConflict                             (Execute)

                                                                                                                WD_AppRegConflict                            (Execute)

                                                                                                                WD_FileConflict                                    (Execute)

                                                                                                                WD_RegConflict                                   (Execute)


                                                Wise Services Database:

                                                                                                                sp_PagedItemsJob                               (Execute)


                                                Workbench Database:

                                                                                                                usp_AddNewSecurityBit                       (Execute)

                                                                                                                usp_ComputeElapsedTaskTimes        (Execute)

                                                                                                                usp_DuplicateProcess                          (Execute)

                                                                                                                w1                                                           (Execute)


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