Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics (RAAD) 7.5.1670

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How do I remotely troubleshoot an agent without logging into the machine?


“Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics” (RAAD) version 7.5.1670 expands on the diagnostic checks and remediation actions performed by RAAD version 1 (HOWTO9637) and RAAD version 2 (HOWTO21449) to allow those checks and actions against a list of machines and not just the one machine. The Health Checks in RAAD version 7.5.1670 has been optimized and improved to match current functionality with ITMS 7.5.  

No Support or Maintenance.  Symantec does not offer support or maintenance for the Licensed Software.  Symantec may choose to discontinue the availability of the Licensed Software at any time with or without notice.



Ver. 7.5.1670


What’s new in this release of RAAD.

1.       Added support of Remote troubleshooting password. Remote troubleshooting password is new diagnostics feature that allows to decrypt and view the content of the encrypted policies or tasks on the client computer. The Remote troubleshooting password can be enabled from Symantec Management Console through ‘Symantec Management Agent Settings – Global’ page Authentication Tab.     

2.       We have removed Actions menu items and Health Checks menu items related to EOL products such as Carbon Copy or Recovery Solution. Ability to display the remote computers’ Windows registry was removed too.

3.       Possibility to install Symantec Management Agent using RAAD utility was removed. 

Fixed issues:

  •          RAAD utility can’t connect to Symantec Management Platform SQL database when Case Sensitive SQL Server collation is used.
  •          Fixed wrong URL construction for Resource Manager and pcAnywhere when HTTPs is used.
  •          Reworked Task Manager tool to supporting Windows 7, Windows 2008 and newest platforms.
  •          Fixed non-functional ‘Clear History’ button under Diagnostics Tasks Tab.
  •          Reworked authentication to Clients under custom credentials which were set in RAAD utility.

Known issues: 

  •          The error will be shown on browse Diagnostics Logs Tab if any log file in old format will be read. The problem can be reproduced on upgraded clients.
  •          Failed Software Updates can be shown on Path Tab with incorrect status.
  •          Filters for Software Delivery packages are not worked in SWD Tab.         


  •  Run the executable locally, not from a share
  • Host and remote machine must be Windows OS
  • WMI service must be running on remote clients
  • .NET Framework installed on host and remote machine
  • Altiris Agent must be installed on host
  • Firewall on the remote machine will also prevent Altiris actions
  • The following exceptions need to be added:
    • RPC TCP port 135
    • NetBIOS Netlogon and Browsing UDP port 138
    • SMB TCP port 445
    • ISOIPSIGPORT-2 TCP port 1107
  • Once connected, use Remote Execute to add Altiris Agent to firewall exception (it will be displayed as ENABLE), so that other functions of RAAD 7.5.1670 will work.


Please refer to the attached RAAD 7.5.1670 User Guide.pdf 

This version of RAAD cannot be used on client machines in ITMS 7.1 environments. The RAAD 7.5.1670 is aimed at ITMS 7.5 client machines only.


Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostic (RAAD) tool ver 7.5.1670
RAAD (3 MBytes)
RAAD 7.5.1670 User Guide (2014-01-31)
RAAD 7.5.1670 User Guide.pdf (2.4 MBytes)

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