RAAD - Remote Symantec Management Agent Diagnostics 7.5.3153

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RAAD (Remote Symantec Management Agent Diagnostics) 7.5.3153 is a standalone Microsoft Windows application that lets you remotely perform diagnostics of client computers, that have SMA (Symantec Management Agent) installed.

What’s new in RAAD Ver. 7.5.3153.

1.       Overall improvement of performance.

2.       Introduction of individual client computer credential profiles: username, password and troubleshooting password can now be set individually for each client computer

3.       New data field Host Name (FQDN) added to the Details Diagnostics view. Client computer GUID and FQDN can now be copied to the clipboard using the context menu.

4.       Diagnostics now run automatically if the Diagnostics pane is opened, and a single computer is selected in the Computer list.

Prerequisites and using:

Please refer to the attached RAAD 7.5.3153 User Guide.pdf

This version of RAAD cannot be used on client computer below 7.5.

RAAD 7.5.3153 lets you manage client computers that have ITMS 7.5 or later.

Fixed Issues:

  • Filtering fixed for SWD and Patch Health Checks and Diagnostics.
  • The issues with representation of logs with old date/time format were fixed.
  • Improved Registry Browser is available again.
  • Issues related to the usage of an IP address instead of computer name.
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements.

Known Issue:

  • On the Path tab, incorrect status can be shown for failed Software Updates.


Previous Releases:


What’s new in RAAD Ver. 7.5.1670.

1.       Added support of Remote troubleshooting password. Remote troubleshooting password is a new diagnostics feature that allows to decrypt and view the content of the encrypted policies or tasks on the client computer. The Remote troubleshooting password can be enabled from Symantec Management Console on the Symantec Management Agent Settings – Global page, on the Authentication tab.     

2.       We have removed the items from the Action and Health Checks menu that were related to EOL products, such as Carbon Copy or Recovery Solution. The ability to display the remote computers’ Windows registry was removed too.

3.       The possibility to install Symantec Management Agent using RAAD utility was removed. 

Fixed issues:

  •          RAAD utility can’t connect to Symantec Management Platform SQL database when Case Sensitive SQL Server collation is used.
  •          Fixed wrong URL construction for Resource Manager and pcAnywhere when HTTPs is used.
  •          Reworked Task Manager tool to support Windows 7, Windows 2008 and newest platforms.
  •          Fixed non-functional Clear History button on the Tasks tab.
  •          Reworked authentication to client computers under custom credentials which were set in RAAD utility.


RAAD - Remote Symantec Management Agent Diagnostics 7.5.3153 User Guide
RAAD 7.5.3153 User Guide.pdf (362 kBytes)
RAAD 7.5.3153 Utility (2014-07-28)
7.5.3153 (SP1 Update).zip (1.1 MBytes)

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