WorkSpace IDs for Symantec Sealed validation testing

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 The apps you submit to Symantec for Symantec Sealed validation are tested in a realistic environment, similar to the one you use for your own App Center testing. To add your app to the validation WorkSpaces, you need to add the following two App Center WorkSpace IDs to your test assertion:

  • com.appcenterhq.ssp.ssptest   (for iOS apps)
  • com.appcenterhq.ssptest.installer   (for Android apps)

To add the WorkSpace IDs, do the following:

  1. In your Partner Portal, go to Apps and select the app you want to submit for validation.
  2. On the top right side of the toolbar, click Generate Assertion.
  3. On the UI panel that appears, in the Add others: field, add the WorkSpace IDs provided above, separating them with a single space or comma.

  1. Click Generate & Download.
  2. Rebuild your app with the new assertion and then submit your app along with your test results and other artifacts as specified in the Symantec Sealed Program Developer's Guide.

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