In a multiple tier hierarchy structure how do Package Servers at the lowest level obtain a replicated package? Will they go direct to the top most NS to source the package?

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Anything more than a two-tier hierarchy is not supported. With SMP 7.1 it is supported 1 parent SMP with one level of child SMPs

 For the following scenario, in a three tier hierarchy, a Package is created at NS A, replicated to NS B, replicated from NS B to NS C.

If a Package Server from NS C requires the package for download, will it ever contact the Package Servers connected to NS A to retrieve the package?


No, a Package Server will only ever request replicated packages from its immediate parent in the hierarchy structure, and be returned Package Servers within the same site as the immediate parent.

It is assumed that at least one Package Server on NS B will have the package ready at some point, and if not the Package Server connected to NS C will enter a package request backoff until that time.

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