Restoring Notification Server from a backup or upgrading it to new hardware

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How do I restore Notification Server from a backup or reinstall it to a new computer?

This article describes how to restore Notification Server from a backup or reinstall it on new server hardware. In both of these scenarios you need to restore the existing CMDB rather than create a new one when you reinstall Notification Server.

The following procedure describes how to work around a limitation of the Installation Wizard and redirect Notification Server to use the existing (restored) CMDB.

To restore/reinstall Notification Server:

  1. Backup the existing CMDB database.

  2. On the new/reimaged hardware, install SQL and restore the CMDB from your backup.

  3. Install the Symantec Installation Manager onto the new Notification Server and initiate the Installation Wizard to begin installing the Symantec Management Platform product and product suites.

  4. In the Database Selection page (of the Installation Wizard), choose to create a new database. Ensure that the new database has a different name to the existing (restored) database.

    Note that the “Use existing database” option can be used only for blank databases. Do not choose to use your existing (restored) database, as this may corrupt it.

  5. Complete the Notification Server installation through the Symantec Installation Manager.

  6. In the Symantec Management Console, open the Database Settings page (menu path: Settings > Notification Server > Database Settings).

  7. In the Database Name field, choose Use Existing Database and select the appropriate existing database from the drop-down list.

    These databases are detected automatically from the SQL server.

  8. Click Save Changes and the following webpage dialog box will inform you the system will be in a paused state once completed.  Click OK to continue the reconfiguration process.

    The database reconfiguration process re-runs the installed configuration files for Notification Server and all installed product solutions. As part of this process, the security identifiers of the local security users are regenerated to ensure that the users can access the Symantec Management Console.

    If the Notification Server version is later than the database version, this step is performed automatically when you save the changes to the Database Settings page.


By default, the Altiris Agents will continue to contact Notification Server using the details that they already have. If Notification Server is installed on new hardware, or if the computer has been renamed, you need to redirect the Altiris Agents to contact the new Notification Server. You need to do this from the old (original) Notification Server. 

To redirect the Altiris Agents from the original Notification Server to the new Notification Server:

  1. On the original Notification Server, open the Symantec Management Console (from the Start menu: All Programs > Symantec > Symantec Management Console 7.1).

  2. Navigate to the Targeted Agent Settings page (menu path: Settings > Agents/Plug-ins > Targeted Agent Settings).

  3. Under the Advanced tab, in the Alternate URL for accessing NS field, enable the option and specify the new Notification Server name and URL.  Click on Save Changes.

You need to perform these steps for each enabled policy that targets Altiris Agents that you want to redirect.

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