How to run a repair in Notification Server 7

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How to run a repair in Notification Server 7?

There are multiple methods supported for running a repair in Notification Server 7.  NSsetup is no longer a supported method.  The process is as follow:

Note:  Reconfiguring the database will reset the default reports, policies etc.  If changes have been made to the defaults, these can be exported before the reconfigure then reimported after the reconfigure.  Also, a backup of the Symantec_CMDB is suggested.



1.  Repair through SIM:  A repair through SIM will run a repair on the MSIs for the solution or solutions chosen. When you run SIM there is a product listing of all the installed solutions and suites.  Each listing has a repair button that will allow you to repair all solutions for that listing.

2. Database reconfigure: Within the Console - Go to Settings - Notification Server Settings - Database Settings.  Click on the Reconfigure Database button.  This will reconfigure all installed solutions.

3. Using aexconfig:  In Altiris\Notification Server\bin is the file AexConfig.exe.  Use the switch /ConfigureAll to configure all installed solutions.

  • Run this in a command prompt using the switch  /Configure <Path to product installation xml file> to configure one product at a time. 

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