Carbon Copy Solution Quick Troubleshooting Guide

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How do I troubleshoot the following issues with Carbon Copy Solution?


Can't connect: "Remote system did not respond or Login has timed out..." error

  • Is Carbon Copy Agent installed?
    1. 6.0 Console:  Configuration > Solutions Settings > Incident Management > Carbon Copy > Carbon Copy Agent Uninstall > "Installed Carbon Copy Agents" (refresh collection to be sure)
    2. On Host:  Add or Remove Programs > "Altiris Carbon Copy Solution Agent 6.2"
    3. On Host:  Altiris Agent Details > Installed Agents > "Altiris Carbon Copy Plugin Agent", "Carbon Copy"
  • Is Carbon Copy Agent running?
    1. On Host:  Services > "Altiris Carbon Copy"
    2. On Host:  Task Manager > Processes > "Shellker.exe", "Client.exe"
  • Is firewall blocking communication?
    1. On Host:  Windows Firewall enabled? Disable firewall or add exception for TCP port 1680
    2. Firewall on network?
    3. Test from Guest:  "telnet [hostname] 1680" Success produces black screen with blinking cursor
  • Name resolution succeeding?
    1. Test:  "nslookup [hostname]"
    2. Confirm resolved IP address matches host's IP address

Unable to authenticate:  Continuously prompted for login

  • Has authentication been configured yet/properly?
    1. 6.0 Console:  Configuration > Solutions Settings > Incident Management > Carbon Copy > Carbon Copy Agent Configuration > All Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 computers > "Authentication"
    2. Appropriate Security Group(s) has been defined
  • Is the user a member of one of the groups specified?
    1. If using NT or AD, ensure they are using "domain\username" format
    2. Confirm membership in AD
  • Does the Agent's configuration match the Console's?
    1. On Host:  If tray icon is enabled, Left-click > Security > "Profiles..."
    2. If icon is disabled, modify "ShowClientTrayIcon=on" in "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Carbon Copy\CCW32.ini", restart service
    3. If config doesn't match, make a minor change to config policy, force update of config, and if it still doesn't match, troubleshoot Altiris Agent/NS communication
    4. On Host:  Run "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Carbon Copy\ATraceCfg.exe", choose "All On", then "Exit"
    5. On Guest:  Attempt another connection, then collect "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Carbon Copy\CC-Shellker-TRACE.log"

Authentication takes a long time:  Greater than ~15 seconds

  • Confirm CC Agent version on host
    1. 6.0 Console:  Reports > Incident Management > Carbon Copy > "Carbon Copy Agents by Version"
    2. On host:  Click tray icon > "About"
  • If 6.2.1136, upgrade to 6.2.1144
    KNOWN ISSUE: Session authentication takes excessive amount of time
    KB #34560
  • If 6.2.1144, confirm using AD groups and apply hotfix
    KNOWN ISSUE: Connection delay when using Carbon Copy 6.2.1144 with Active Directory Security
    KB #40873

License error when trying to connect

  • Is error legitimate?
    1. 6.0 Console:  Configuration > "Licensing", "Carbon Copy" In Use count greater than Total?
    2. Uninstall some Carbon Copy Agents or delete/retire old resources from DB to reduce In Use count or purchase new licenses
  • Ilegitimate error?

Error exceeded license count
KB #17415
The Carbon Copy Agent count has exceeded your current license
KB #3318
Carbon Copy licenses exceeded message when trying to remote control a machine
KB #40419

Capture a.logs on NS:  C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Logs

Initiating remote control not working properly:   Hanging at splash screen, buttons disabled, reverts to idle status

Remote control problems from a specific computer
KB #37762
ActiveX controls not installing correctly even when proper conditions are met
KB #34212

Can't access Remote Control in the Console:  "Access Denied" errors, blank pages

  • Is the user a member of a Security Role in the Console?
    1. 6.0 Console:  Configuration > Server Settings > Notification Server Settings > "Security Roles"
    2. Ensure the user, or a Security Group the user is a member of, is a member of a Security Role, that Security Role has "Carbon Copy Privileges > Remote Control", "Altiris Console Privileges > View Tasks Tab", and "Altiris Console Privileges > View Resources Tab" privileges

KNOWN ISSUE: "Access Denied" error when selecting a computer
KB #36122

Solution Installation Failure


  • Migrated database / Carbon Copy Solution was previously installed at one point?

Items remain in NS after uninstall of Carbon Copy
KB #17178


  • Fresh install?

Capture a.logs on NS:  C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Logs

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