Confirming computers

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Confirming computers

Newly installed Protection Agents are automatically confirmed into your list of computers by default however, your Account Administrator can disable automatic confirmation. If automatic confirmation is disabled, all newly installed Protection Agents must be Confirmed. Only administrators and account administrators can confirm computers. Users cannot confirm their own computers.

When auto-confirm is disabled, new Protection Agents must be confirmed before the agent is fully functional. The Symantec Alerting Service dispatches an email to you with the subject line: Agent registration for ComputerName whenever a new Protection Agent is installed. You must confirm that it is one of your computers and should be protected.

If a computer you cannot identify appears on the Unconfirmed page you can Remove it.

To confirm a computer

  1. Log on to

  2. On the Computers page, on the left pane, under Quick Tasks, click Requiring Confirmation.

    You can also confirm an individual computer by clicking the Needs Confirmation link under a computer on the Computers page.

    The Unconfirmed or Unresolved Computers page appears.

    If you are seated at the computer that must be confirmed or resolved, you are taken directly to the Unconfirmed or Unresolved Computers page.

  3. To confirm the computer, click the Confirm button.

    A message appears that your computer has been successfully authorized.

    The computer is now added to

    Repeat the process for every computer that you want to add to your account.

To disable automatic confirmation of new Protection Agents

  1. From any page, click Settings and then Preferences.

  2. On the Preferences page, deactivate or reactivate the Auto-confirm new computers check box under Computer Deployment to control new agent confirmation.

    The default setting is on to automatically confirm Protection Agents for for operations.

    Uncheck Auto-confirm new computers when you want to prevent agent activity without administrative intervention.

  3. Click Save Changes to set your preferences.

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