Migration from Carbon Copy Solution to pcAnywhere Solution

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What are some common questions and concerns about migration from Carbon Copy Solution 6 to pcAnywhere Solution 12.5?

pcAnywhere Solution 12.5 is the replacement Remote Control product for Carbon Copy.  pcAnywhere Solution ships as part of Client Management Suite (CMS) version 7, which is built on the new Symantec Management Platform (SMP).  Please refer to this web site for more information about CMS 7, including a link to download the installer:  http://www.symantec.com/business/client-management-suite.  Note that the installer available for download as "Trialware" is the actual CMS 7 installer with trial licenses, and that applying valid licenses is all that is necessary to make it officially supported.

Features of pcAnywhere Solution

See the article entitled "pcAnywhere Solution Initial Release Feature Set Comparison vs. pcA Box and Carbon Copy" at http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO9459.

Carbon Copy and pcAnywhere licenses

Carbon Copy and pcAnywhere are built with the same license GUID, so NS 6 customers can use their Carbon Copy license to activate pcAnywhere on SMP 7.New pcAnywhere licenses were generated only for CMS customers. These licenses will automatically appear in each customer’s License Management Portal view at https://licensing.symantec.com/, so no new registration is required.  If customers had purchased Carbon Copy as an add-on, Symantec did not regenerate a pcAnywhere Solution license (which means that customers can use their existing Carbon Copy licenses for pcAnywhere Solution). 

pcAnywhere Solution and the pcAnywhere "Box" product are considered different products and require separate licenses.

Migration Paths

There are multiple migration paths from Carbon Copy which should end with the same results, because the installer for the pcAnywhere agent plug-in will automatically uninstall a Carbon Copy agent if found on a managed client computer.

Following is the best practices scenario, in which the server is migrated first, followed by the agents:

1.  Migrate from Notification Server (NS) 6 to Symantec Management Platform (SMP) 7.  There is no migration path for Carbon Copy Solution, so it will no longer exist under SMP 7.
2.  Upgrade the Altiris Agent from version 6 to 7 by enabling the Altiris Agent -Upgrade policy for each managed platform.
3.  Deploy the pcAnywhere agent plug-in by enabling the pcAnywhere Plug-in -Upgrade policy for each managed platform.  This will uninstall the existing Carbon Copy agents.

Here is another scenario, in which the NS 6 agent is pointed to a new SMP 7 server with the pcAnywhere Plug-in policy already enabled:

1.  Install SMP 7 and pcAnywhere Solution on a new server.
2.  Enable the pcAnywhere Plug-in policy for each desired platform.
3.  Point the NS 6 Altiris Agent on each managed client with the Carbon Copy Agent to the new SMP server
4.  Send basic inventory and updated the configuration (or wait for the regularly scheduled configuration update).  The new configuration policy will include installation of the pcAnywhere agent plug-in, which will automatically uninstall the Carbon Copy agent if found.  This will leave the managed client computer with Altiris Agent 6, the pcAnywhere plug-in installed, and no Carbon Copy Agent.
5.  Enable the Altiris Agent -Upgrade policy for each managed platform, to migrate all Altiris Agents to version 7.

Therefore, Symantec recommends that the pcAnywhere Plug-in policies be enabled only after the Altiris Agents have been upgraded to version 7.

NOTE that Symantec has released a patch for the pcAnywhere Agent installer

See the following article, entitled "pcAnywhere Solution agent installer does not remove Carbon Copy agent", for details and the patch:  http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH127578.  Ideally, the patch should be put in place prior to deployment of the pcAnywhere Agent.


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