Tables used by Monitor Solution 7.x

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What SQL tables are used by Monitor Solution 7.x?


Event Console
Alert management


Table Name Table Description
ec_alert Current alerts
ec_alert_action_audit Action taken against each current alert
ec_alert_action_audit_history Action taken against each historical alert  * pre SP5
ec_alert_action_audit_type Types of actions
ec_alert_duplicates Reference for duplicates alerts
ec_alert_pooled Duplicate alerts
ec_alert_history Historical resolved alerts  * pre SP5
ec_alert_variable Association of available variables / details for alerts
ec_alert_variable_history Association of available variables / details for historical alerts  * pre SP5
ec_alert_variable_type Alert variable types
ec_cache_flag Timestamp for most recent unchanged alert data
ec_group_view_icon Reference to icon locations for group view web parts
ec_rule Alert rule trigger history

Notification Server Core
Events and inventory


Evt_Monitor_Agent Monitor Agent specific events
Evt_Monitor_Agent_Uptime Monitor Agent up/down events
Evt_Monitor_Metric_Status Metric ready/retry/uninitialized events
Inv_Monitor_Agent_Configuration Monitor Agent configuration by machine
Inv_Monitor_Detected_Policies Detected Monitor Policies by machine

Network Discovery
Agentless resource connectivity


Inv_Altris_Common_ProtocolMask Supported protocols by machine
Inv_Device_Identification Primary IP address and general resource information
Inv_Device_TCPIP TCP/IP information by machine

Monitor Solution
Historical data


MonitorHeartBeats Currrent state of heartbeats by machine
MonitorMetricDailySummary Daily summarized metric data
MonitorMetricData Detailed metric data
MonitorMetricHourlySummary Hourly summarized metric data
MonitorMetricInstances Distinct metric instances by machine/metric
MonitorMetricLookup Abbreviated metric information
MonitorNTEvents All NT Event data
MonitorProcessData Process data by machine
MonitorProcessNames Distinct process names
MonitorProcessOwners Distinct process owners
MonitorRuleLookup Abbreviated rule information


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