What is the Administrator Software Development Kit?

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What is the Administrator Software Development Kit?

The Administrator Software Development Kit (ASDK) is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that access the functionality of Notification Server (NS), Site Servers (previously called Task Servers), and various NS solutions.

The ASDK’s target users are the IT personnel of NS customers, such as IT administrators (not solution developers), who want to automate or customize the funtionality of NS. Typically, ASDK users write a script, a program, or custom UI that aggregates ASDK functionality to perform desired tasks within NS.

The ASDK is used to enhance NS usability (not to develop new products). Its purpose is to enable IT administrators to automate or customize NS functionality.

The APIs contained in the ASDK are designed to model common tasks that the IT administrator could otherwise perform through the Symantec Management Console. For example, the ASDK contains APIs for cloning, deleting, and importing items; for running reports; for managing resource items; for managing “scoping” objects; for managing Hierarchy rules and objects; for retrieving and running Site Server tasks (tasks and package services); and much more.

These APIs can be installed on NS or on any computer on which Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 has been installed. They can be called via Web services, COM, or a command line interface (CLI). A common scenario is to install the ASDK on a remote machine and then write scripts (in the VBScript language) that call the ASDK’s COM objects. The ASDK methods handle internally the data type conversions necessary to return values and objects that VBScript can then process further. Briefly stated, the ASDK allows IT administrators of Symantec Management Platform customers to customize and automate common tasks.

In this regard, it is important to distinguish the role of the ASDK from that of a more “traditional” SDK, such as the Solution Software Development Kit (SSDK). The SSDK contains a number of .NET assemblies and tools that solution developers use to write new solutions for NS. Its purpose is to facilitate the writing of new solutions that integrate into NS, whether those solutions are written by Symantec or by third-party solution developers.

Note: The Administrator SDK is often referred to incorrectly as the Altiris SDK.  Altiris SDK is intentionally not used because it can cause ambiguity between referencing the Administrator SDK and the Solution SDK.  Both of these SDKs have been developed by Altiris and thus Altiris SDK name has been avoided for either of these products individually.

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