Troubleshooting failed Software Updates for Patch Management 6.2.

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How do I troubleshoot a failed Software Update?


This process is lengthy, so please allow for approximately 1 - 2 hours to complete.

Ensure the environment is free of Spyware, AntiVirus, and other 3rd Party software; like the Proventia Client, that could prevent the Update Packages downloading / installing.

Check licensing: Console 6.5 > View > Configuration > Licensing - Ensure In Use nodes do not exceed Total nodes. Also ensure the AUP is not expired.

View the following Data on The NS: This is to ensure the client has all 7 Patch Data Classes, and is being targeted by the Software Update Task.

    • Client Resource Manager: Console > Resources > Collection > Select Client Machine - Right Click > Resource Manager
      • Check the Resource Summary: Ensure the current Software Update Agent Installed.
      • Check the Policy Summary: Ensure the Default Software Update Agent Configuration Policy is targeted. 
      • Check the Data Classes: Inventory Tab > Software Management > Patch Management > Global & Microsoft folders: Ensure they are all present and display data.
        • Global:
          • Windows Service Pack
          • Windows Software Release 
        • Microsoft:
          • Applicable Microsoft Software Updates
            • Update Installed Column:
              • False: Update needs to be installed
            • Update Tasked Column:
              • False: Create the Update Task: KB 43063
              • True: The client may not be downloading the package
          • Installed Microsoft Software Update
          • Microsoft Service Pack
          • Microsoft Software Release.

      • Windows Operating System - Found listed below the Global and Microsoft folders
      • Note: If any data classes are missing: View KB 47412


View the following data from the Client: If the Software Update Task is targeting the machine, view to see where it is failing to install.

  • Altiris Agent from the systray
    • Software Delivery Tab:
      • Enable the top 3 options
    • Software Updates Tab: Select the update if it is listed
      • Download History Tab: View the download: Succeeded/Failed
        • Troubleshoot failed download from NS or Package Server
      • Run History Tab: View if any errors thrown or code message
        • Research code/error on
        • View article 21552

  • Client Logs:
    • Use Log Viewer: KB 29080
    • Research any errors concerning the Patch/Inventory Source


§  Note: If there is no way to remote to the Client Machine, there is an unsupported tool at KB 45023. This tool does not display the information exactly as shown on the client, and is not a real-time tool, but it may help with troubleshooting in difficult environments for remote sessions.

Troubleshooting is narrowed further:

o   Inventory:

§  InventoryRuleCache.iad is stale

·         Can be reset on the Client: KB 45528

§  Failing to be gathered by the Client’s Altiris Agent and failing to get back to the NS

·         Capture NSE’s to view the data returned: KB 2454

o   Policies: See below and also view KB 45668

§  Software Delivery Policy is stale

·         Found on Client: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Software Delivery

o   Rename with .old or delete

§  Update Configuration to refresh the policy

§  Client Policy is stale

·         Found on Client: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Client Policies

o   Rename with .old or delete

§  Update Configuration to refresh the policy

o    Communications:

§  Updates are failing to download to the NS from Microsoft

·         Proxy Configurations - 42308

·         Firewall Configurations - Environment

·         Patch Admin lacks credentials – KB 18834

o    Updates are failing to download to the client from the NS

§  Incorrect Download location on the NS

·         Known Issue outlined on KB 31706

§  Updates are being rolled out with specific credentials

·         Settings outlined on KB 43063

o    Found at: View > Configuration Tab > Solution Settings > Software Management > Patch Management > Server Settings > Microsoft Settings > Microsoft > Programs Tab > Specified User


        • Also check QChain download on the Client:
            • Force QChain Download outlined on KB 41129

    NOTE: Ensure the machine failing to get the updates is powered on during the Update Cycle outlined on the Default Software Update Agent Configuration Policy, for the Patch Management Solution does not automatically power on machines to update them. This can be performed through Deployment Solution's Wake-on-LAN feature, but there are no built in features for the Patch Solution.

    There could be a number of reasons for updates to fail, this is a simple troubleshooting method to check some of them, but it could be as simple as the machine needs a reboot to proceed with updating or solidify update installs that are hanging on a stale registry.


Also View KB Articles: 25923 &
 41405, for they coincide with troubleshooting Patch Management 6.2


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