You cannot configure NetWare servers from the SSC after applying NetWare Support Pack

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After you applied the Support Pack for NetWare 5.1, 6.0 or 6.5, when you click the NetWare server in the Symantec System Center, you see symptoms similar to the following:

- You see an hourglass, and the server does not open.
- You see the message "Symantec AntiVirus could not retrieve topology information . . ."
- You see the message "Symantec AntiVirus could not configure <servername> Server Realtime Protection Options" or whichever set of options you clicked.
- You try to change the primary server and see the message "Virus protect cannot read the server group's configuration from the old or new primary server. Primary server for the server group has not been changed."
- You may notice that managed clients of a NetWare parent server do not receive the latest virus definitions.
- You see other problems that seem to be caused by an inability to communicate between the Symantec System Center and the NetWare server.

The NetWare server may also disappear from the Symantec System Center, in which case the Discovery Service will not be able to locate it again.



Novell has identified the problem in the B57.LAN and Q57.LAN drivers that were upgraded in NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 5 and NetWare 6 Support Pack 2. The B57.LAN and Q57.LAN are drivers for gigabit NICs. Read the following documents from the Novell Web site for more information:

Applying the appropriate TCP.NLM update has resolved communication issues for several customers. You can find the TCP.NLM updates by searching the Novell Knowledge Base.


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