Introduction to Symantec Client Security Small Business Edition 1.1 Content Licensing

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This document describes the Content Licensing features in Symantec Client Security Small Business Edition 1.1.


What is a content license?
A content license is a grant issued by Symantec Corporation to update a computer using Symantec Client Security Small Business Edition 1.1 software. The content license allows users to download the latest content, such as new virus definitions, firewall rules, and Intrusion Detection Signature (IDS) exclusions, by using LiveUpdate.

Scope and function of the content license
The content license only applies to LiveUpdate, and then only when run from within Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, Symantec Client Firewall, or the Symantec System Center. Before LiveUpdate downloads content, it checks the Symantec Client Security software license. When a license is within 60 days of the expiration date of the license, it is considered to be in a warning period. After a license expires, the licensed feature continues to operate for 30 days. This is the grace period. If the grace period expires with no license renewal, the product becomes unlicensed, and content updates are no longer available.

As content licensing only affects LiveUpdate, Symantec AntiVirus 8.1 clients and servers can receive virus definitions from a parent server using the Virus Definition Transport Method (VDTM) without requiring a license; however, the primary or master primary server that downloads the virus definitions using LiveUpdate will be affected.

If you have other Symantec products that require LiveUpdate for program updates, they will not be affected by content licensing.

Content licensing features
Content licensing includes the following tools:
  • License Install Wizard (Els_lit.exe)
    A stand-alone application to install a license file.
  • License Distribution Tool for Microsoft Windows (Slfdst.exe)
    A command line executable that distributes and installs the license to computers running Symantec Client Security client software.
  • Alert Text System Administrator Tool (Scsladm.exe)
    A stand-alone application used to configure alert boxes in the event that the license expires. For example, you can use it to include instructions for users to obtain a content license file.

For complete implementation instructions, read the document How to install Content Licensing for your Symantec Product.

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