Updating virus definitions for Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds Corporate Edition 3.2

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You have Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds Corporate Edition 3.2, and you want to know how to create definition packages to apply to clients.


Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds Corporate Edition Wireless provides the LiveUpdate Repackager administrative tool for the wireless updating of handheld devices. LiveUpdate Repackager is a command-line tool that allows an administrator to repackage updates that are obtained from running the LUAdmin administration utility for distribution to handheld devices. The files can be distributed to handheld devices using an MDM server or any TCP/IP-based network connection in your existing infrastructure.

Note: This tool is supported only on Windows NT®-based platforms. It does not run on Windows 98/Me.

LiveUpdate Repackager uses the output that is obtained from running LUAdmin as input for updating handheld devices. Before you use LiveUpdate Repackager,
you must run LiveUpdate and LUAdmin to obtain the latest updates. LiveUpdate Repackager is used to specify the products that you want to update and to produce one or two files for updating the handheld devices, depending on your input to the tool. You then use your MDM server or other TCP/IP-based network connection to push these files to your handheld devices.

Note: Only the on-demand type of LiveUpdate can be started by the user from a handheld device. A user cannot start scheduled or automatic updates.

To use LiveUpdate Repackager
  1. Run LUAdmin to obtain the latest updates from Symantec.
  2. Go to the directory in which you installed the LiveUpdate Repackager executable (Lur.exe).
    If updates are found, output similar to the following appears:

    Found update for av_palm, english, target version 3.2
    Found update for av_defs_palm, english, target version 2.0
    Found update for av_pocketpc, english, target version 3.2
    Created package C:\updates\symupdates_palm.pdb
    This file can now be copied to Palm OS devices
    Created package C:\updates\symupdates_ppc.zip
    This file can now be copied to \Symantec Data\Updates on Pocket PC devices.

    If no update is found for a product, no output file is created, and output similar to the following appears:

    Unable to find an update for "av_palm, english, target version 3.2."

    If there is an error, no output files are created, and no message appears.
  3. If the files that you obtained from running LUAdmin are in the current directory, and you want your output files to also be placed in the current directory, then at the command prompt, type:

    lur.exe /product

    Note: Command-line options are not case-sensitive.

    You can type more than one product on the command line, separated by spaces. For example:

    lur.exe /product av_palm english 3.2 /product av_defs_palm english 2.0 /product av_pocketpc english 3.2 /product av_defs_pocketpc english 2.0
  4. Use an MDM server or any TCP/IP-based network connection to push the files to the handheld devices.
  5. The Symupdates_palm.pdb file may be placed in any location on Palm OS™ devices.

    Note: On Pocket PC handheld devices you must create a \Symantec Data\Updates directory under the root directory and put the Symupdates_ppc.zip file into the Updates directory.
After the files are on the handheld devices, they are automatically detected and activated.

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