Downloading virus definitions for Symantec Mobile Security 4.x and Symantec Client Security for Nokia for internal LiveUpdate servers

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You have an internal LiveUpdate server, and you want to distribute virus definitions for Symantec Mobile Security 4.x and Symantec Client Security for Nokia Communicator. In the LiveUpdate Administration Utility 1.5 (LUAU 1.5) and LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x), these products are not available.


Note on File Size
Update files for Symantec mobile products are typically quite small. Current virus definitions are only a few KB, and product updates are also measured in KB. The amount of bandwidth saved by downloading these updates from the Internet to host on an internal LiveUpdate server should be considered against the configuration time and effort involved. Unless there are a great number of mobile devices to administer, it may be advisable for each mobile device to use their LiveUpdate Wireless components to retrieve their updates directly from the Internet.

Internal LiveUpdate Server Capabilities
LUAU 1.5x has the capability to download updates for the Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds and Symantec AntiVirus for Palm OS products.
LUA 2.x has the capability to download updates for the Symantec Mobile AntiVirus 3.5, Symantec Mobile Security 4.x and Symantec Mobile Security 5.x products.

To download updates for Symantec Mobile Security 4.x for Symbian and Symantec Client Security for Nokia Communicator, use the LUDownloader tool.

Install LUDownloader
To install LUDownloader, download the zip archive file and extract it by using a zip utility. LUDownloader must be extracted with its file structure intact, or it will fail when it runs.

LUDownloader consists of a Java .jar file that is called by the batch file Ludownloader.bat. LUDownloader requires Java 1.3.1 or later to run. also includes a short user guide, LUDownloader.rtf.

To use LUDownloader to get updates

  1. Manually open languages.ini with a text editor and choose the desired languages (see below)
  2. Manually open the packages.ini with a text editor and choose the desired platforms (for instance: if there are no Series 80 mobile devices in use, delete the virusdefs$5fsymbians80_1.0 line)
  3. Double-click Ludownloader.bat. A cmd window will open and display several options.
  4. Select one of the following by typing its number and pressing enter:
    • All Products
    • Symantec Client Security for Nokia Communicators
    • Symantec Mobile Security 4.0 for Symbian
    • Virus Definitions for Symbian
  5. LUDownloader downloads the updates and places them in the Patches folder.
  6. Manually copy the files that LUDownloader has downloaded onto the internal LiveUpdate server (LUAU 1.5 or LUA 2.x) from which your mobile devices get virus definitions.

LUDownloader downloads all of the available patches for the product, including virus definitions. If a patch does not exist or has not been posted, LUDownloader reports that the patch has not been posted.

All patch binaries are downloaded to the Patches subdirectory.

Download patches for a subset of languages
By default, LUDownloader attempts to download product patches for every supported language. You can download only the specified languages by editing the Languages.ini file for the product in question.

To specify the languages to download

  1. In the Products folder, go to the folder for the product.
  2. In the Languages.ini file, comment out the languages that you do not need by inserting a # symbol at the beginning of the line.

Known problems
When you enter a product number, keypresses are not displayed until you press Enter. This may give the false impression that LUDownloader is unresponsive or frozen.

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