Error: "LU1847: LiveUpdate could not determine if there is an update for this product because the update list for this product list is corrupted"

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When you run LiveUpdate, you see the following error message:

LU1847: LiveUpdate could not determine if there is an update for this product because the update list for this product list is corrupted.



This problem has more than one cause, so more than one solution is provided. To fix the problem, try each of the following solutions in the order that they appear.

File-compression utilities
Certain file-compression utilities, such as NetZip and ZipMagic, include a feature that allows the user to view .zip files as folders. This causes LiveUpdate to fail to recognize the file, which contains the list of available updates. If NetZip or ZipMagic is installed on the computer, refer to the document that applies to your situation:

Corrupted files in the LiveUpdate downloads folder
Later versions of LiveUpdate support download resumption. If the download is resumed and the file that was initially downloaded was corrupted, then LiveUpdate will not install the file and may generate the message. To fix this, delete all files in the "...\All Users\ApplicationData\Symantec\LiveUpdate\Downloads" folder. Do not delete the Downloads folder itself.

Updates stripped or blocked by a proxy or firewall
Some firewall programs block downloaded files or even strip their contents. If you are using a firewall, we suggest that you configure it to allow LiveUpdate to connect to the Internet and download files. See How to determine whether your firewall is blocking LiveUpdate for more information.

S32LUHL1.dll is corrupted
LiveUpdate uses the S32LUHL1.dll file when you use LiveUpdate Administrator to distribute definitions and LiveUpdate is set to use a UNC path to download definitions.

  • If the LiveUpdate Administrator is not configured to use UNC paths (the LAN option in LiveUpdate Administrator), delete the S32LUHL1.dll file.
  • If the LiveUpdate Administrator is configured to use UNC paths, replace the S32LUHL1.dll file from a known good backup.

The S32LUHL1.dll file is typically found in the "<root drive>\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate" folder.

LiveUpdate is damaged or is an older version
Download and install the current version of LiveUpdate. For directions, see How to download and install LiveUpdate.

Technical Information
This problem can happen when LiveUpdate experiences a security problem during a LiveUpdate session. The most common security problem is that LiveUpdate receives a package other than what is expected. Some examples of this are the following:

  • The download is corrupted.
  • Files are stripped from the downloaded container file.
  • The digital signature of the package is damaged or missing.
  • A proxy or firewall blocks the download.
  • LiveUpdate is damaged or is an older version


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