Processes and Services used by Symantec Endpoint Protection

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What are the processes that Symantec Endpoint Protection uses?

What services are used by Symantec Endpoint Protection?


Services used by Symantec:

    Symantec Embedded Database

    Embedded database used by Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.

    Symantec Endpoint Protection

    Provides virus-scanning for Symantec Endpoint Protection.

    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

    Application server which communicates with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager consoles.

    Symantec Event Manager

    Event propagation and logging service.

    Symantec Management Client

    Provides communication with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. Controls the SMC.exe & SMCGui.exe processes.

    Symantec Network Access Control

    Checks that the computer complies with the defined security policy and communicates with the Symantec Enforcers and/or Symantec Endpoint Protection manager to allow your computer to access the network.

    Symantec Settings Manager

    Settings storage and management service.

Processes used by Symantec


    This is the user interface of Symantec Endpoint Protection. If you open the user interface and then end the SymCorpUI.exe process, the user interface closes.


    A Common Client component that affects Auto-Protect, Event Manager and Internet Email tools.


    A Common Client component that affects Auto-protect and Internet Email tools.


    The LiveUpdate process that connects to the Symantec LiveUpdate servers.


    This is the client. Controls the client-manager communication, location detection, and is the non-driver portion of Network Threat Protection.


    Client interface.


    Virus scanner process for manual scans, scheduled scans, email tools.


    Symantec Endpoint Protection's interface to LiveUpdate. Symantec Endpoint Protection runs it to enable or disable content, which happens every policy update, and to query content versions.
    ProtectionUtilSurrogate.exe This component allows the 64 bit SmcGui process to access 32bit processes, such as RtvScan and SymCorpUI.


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