Uninstalling Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh server

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You want to remove all components of Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh Server.


The Symantec Uninstaller on the installation CD only uninstalls Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh 10.x. It does not uninstall any of the Symantec Administration Console components. You can use the SACMcleanup.zip tool to automatically remove SACM-related files from the server. This tool can be double-clicked from the Finder, or dragged to a Terminal window and used with the command line switches appropriate for the situation if needed and can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.symantec.com/misc/tools/mactools/SACMcleanup.zip.

To manually remove a default installation of Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh Server, follow these two basic steps:
  1. Drop the Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh database from MySQL. The database is called "SACM."
  2. Remove program files and directories.

    To drop the SACM database from MySQL
      1. From the Terminal application, enter the command: mysql -u root -p
      2. Enter your password when prompted. If you do not have a password for MySQL, reenter the command in step 1 but omit the "-p" switch
      3. At the ">mysql" prompt, type: drop database SACM; (The semicolon signifies that the SQL command is complete.) MySQL responds with: Query OK
      4. At the ">mysql" prompt, type: exit
      5. Switch to the root account.

    To remove program files and directories:
      1. Delete these files:
        /Library/Receipts/Symantec Administration Server.pkg

        Note that you can delete all of the "man" pages at one time with the command:
        rm `locate *symc` (Be sure to use the inverse quotation marks as shown.)
      2. Delete the folders:
        /Library/Application Support/Symantec/SMac/

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