Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh Auto-Protect error Code 6 (or error Code 10) on startup

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When booting up or restarting your Macintosh with Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh installed you are presented with a dialog with the following text:

"Symantec AntiVirus could not load the scan engine. Please run LiveUpdate to get the latest version (Code 6)"

The error code may also be code 10. Running LiveUpdate fails, or does not yield any positive results.



This could be due to: booting into the 64-bit kernel in Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard); the boot volume is formatted as HFS Extended, case-sensitive; an older version of LiveUpdate for Macintosh and Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard); an issue with the definitions themselves; or an issue with Stuffit Deluxe 12 from Smith Micro.



  1. For systems running Snow Leopard, SAV or NAV for Macintosh does not support 64-bit kernel mode, as noted in the Symantec AntiVirus Read Me file. For 64-bit kernel support in Snow Leopard, upgrade to SEP for Macintosh (Symantec Endpoint Protection).
  2. Default virus definition engine files are not compatible with HFS Extended, case-sensitive formatted volumes.  Currently, SAV/NAV/SEP for Macintosh must be installed to a non-case-sensitive system volume.

  3. For systems running Leopard, upgrade to a minimum version of SAV 10.2, which was the first version certified for Leopard compatibility. This includes an appropriate version of LiveUpdate.

    Alternately, you can download LiveUpdate 4.0 from the Symantec FTP site at the following link, though for Leopard compatibility the upgrade to SAV 10.2 is recommended:

    Download the .dmg disk image file for the latest version of LiveUpdate listed and install this to your Macintosh. Log out and back in and run LiveUpdate again and download any available updates. Once the updates are downloaded, reboot your Macintosh and see if the error message appears again.
  4. Downloading and installing the Intelligent Updater for Intel-based Macintosh computers may also resolve this issue. It can be obtained via the Security Response website.
  5. If the issue persists and you have Stuffit Deluxe 12 installed, ensure that the version of this product is at least 12.0.2. You may also wish to update Stuffit Expander. For updates to Stuffit Deluxe or Stuffit Expander, please contact Smith Micro.

Technical Information
To verify 64-bit mode, open System Profiler and click on Software in the left pane. You will then see System Software Overview in the right pane. If the system is running in 64-bit mode, "64-bit Kernel and Extensions" will say "Yes".


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