How to: Setup a Group Update Provider (GUP)

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How do you setup a Group Update Provider (GUP)? Client machines at remote locations are overwhelming network bandwidth to obtain updates.

High and/or Excessive Network Traffic.


Network with a low bandwidth.
Multiple remote sites that aren't large enough to justify their own SEPM.


All clients are getting updates from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) at the same time. Required bandwidth for content updates is greater than the available bandwidth.


How To: Setup a GUP:
   1. On the console, click Policies.
   2. In the View Policies pane, click LiveUpdate.
   3. In the LiveUpdate Policies pane, on the LiveUpdate Settings tab, under Name, select the policy to edit.
   4. In the Tasks pane, click Edit the Policy.
   5. In the LiveUpdate Settings Policy window, click Server Settings.
   6. In Server Settings, check the box 'Use a Group Update Provider'. 
   7. Click the 'Group Update Provider' button.
   8. In the Group Update Provider dialog box, type an IP address or a host name.
   9. Review the other settings, accept or change the defaults, and then click OK.

Note: The computer that you select as the GUP must have a LiveUpdate policy that defines it as a GUP. Clients a GUP serves must have a policy that points them to their GUP.
Note: If the Group Update Provider runs a Firewall, you must modify the Firewall policy to receive communications on TCP port 2967.

GUP Update: GUP functionality was greatly improved in 11.0.5 and will continue to be developed. There are many options for GUPs including: throttling, failover, content revision limits and much more. Please refer to the Help buttons in the SEPM Console and our Administration_Guide.PDF for additional information.

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