Using the "SymbatchSEP" utility

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Instructions for using the "SymbatchSEP" utility, a legacy alternative to the SEP Support Tool.



The "SymbatchSEP" utility is used to collect system data and parameters relating to Symantec Endpoint Protection products. To obtain "SymbatchSEP", please contact Symantec Technical support at:

Once the utility has been obtained please follow these instructions:


  • The zip file is password protected. To unzip this file use the following password: symantec
  • This utility will not produce reliable results when run from a Terminal Services (Remote Desktop/RDP) session. Please run the utility locally and with an account that has administrator rights.

  1. Extract the file to a new folder in a convenient location, such as the Desktop, using the unzip password provided above.
  2. Execute the tool by double clicking SymBatchSEP.exe
  3. Follow the On-Screen Prompts.
    Note: If prompted to terminate the batch job, select N for "No."
  4. Once the utility is finished, a popup message will list the location of the file. The default location is C:\Symtemp\

If the SMC service is password protected, SymBatchSEP will also prompt for that password shortly after launch. In the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM), to disable password protection for the SMC service, go to "Clients" then select the appropriate group under "View Clients". In the right pane select the Policies tab. In "Location-independent Policies and Settings" select "General Settings." Select the Security Settings tab, Disable the option "Require a password to stop the client service."

Once it has completed its series of diagnostics, the SymBatchSEP utility should package and compress all the test results into one .zip file. Restrictions to a computer's DCOM permissions or other access restrictions that have been put in place can cause SymBatchSEP to fail to complete successfully. If this occurs:

    • Manually create a compressed file from the contents of the C:\Symtemp folder. Submit the .zip to Symantec Technical Support for examination.
    • Manually run C:\Symtemp\DisableSepDebug.reg to disable the debug logging that SymBatchSEP has enabled.

Known Issue:
When run on a 64-bit computer, the envelope around the SymBatchDiag files (a Packager package) will extract the files as expected, but will not run the initiating file "Gather.bat". This is a known failure of Packager that cannot be corrected. Please double-click the file C:\Symtemp\Gather.bat in order to complete SymBatchSEP manually.

For Symantec AntiVirus
SymBatchSEP is intended for use with Symantec Endpoint Protection. For Symantec AntiVirus (SAV), please use SymBatchDiag.


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