Uninstalling Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh client

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You need to know how to remove all components of Symantec Administration client.


You can uninstall Symantec Administration client using an uninstaller script, or you can uninstall the client manually.

To uninstall Symantec Administration client using the uninstaller script
  1. Locate the Terminal command script SACM Client Uninstaller.command on the installation disk, located in the Support folder, or download the file below:

  2. Save it where you can find it easily on the computer that is running Symantec Administration client. If using the file above, extract the file from the archive.
  3. Run the SACM Client Uninstaller.command file.
  4. Type an Admin password when you are prompted.
  5. Restart the computer.

To uninstall Symantec Administration client manually
  1. Use Terminal or other utility to open the bash shell prompt.
  2. Switch to the root account.
  3. Delete the folder:
    • /Library/Application Support/Symantec/SMac
  4. Delete the files:
    • /Library/Application Support/Norton Solutions Support/LiveUpdate/Registry/LUsm 1.0 English
    • /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.symantec.smacdaemon.plist
    • /Library/Preferences/com.symantec.SMacClient.plist
    • /Library/Receipts/Symantec Administration Client.pkg
  5. Restart the computer.

Why this procedure may be necessary
If the Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh (SACM) is reinstalled on the Mac Server, a new Private/Public key-set is created. Because of the new key, communication between Server and Clients cannot be established. Note that a new, unique key is created even if the same password is chosen for the reinstallation. This condition is resolved when the Symantec Administration Console Client is reinstalled on the affected computers.

Note: Reinstalling the Client Console without removing it first (an "update") will not resolve the issue. The Public key and configuration files are not overwritten if the Client is not removed first.

Technical Information
The Symantec Uninstaller on the installation CD only uninstalls Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh 10.x. It does not uninstall any of the Symantec Administration Console components.

For help with uninstalling Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh server, read the document Uninstalling Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh server.


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