LiveUpdate Administration Utility for Macintosh and Proxy Servers

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LUAU 2.x (LiveUpdate Administration Utility 2.x) for Macintosh cannot connect to the internet due to a proxy server.

In LiveUpdateAdminUtility.log (located in /Library/logs/):

Download Session: 2008-06-04 14:50:14
2008-06-04 14:50:14 Running DownloadLiveUpdatePackages 2.00 to retrieve updates
2008-06-04 14:50:14 Running InstallLiveUpdateAdmin.command 2.00
2008-06-04 14:50:15 Checking for a new version of LiveUpdate Administration Utility at:
2008-06-04 14:50:15 ftp://
2008-06-04 14:50:15 ERROR: Could not connect to that FTP location. Check your Internet connection.



Older versions of LUAU for Macintosh are not compatible with proxies.


Upgrade LUAU 2.x for Macintosh. Version 2.02 and above includes configurable preferences for anonymous and secure proxies.

The newest version of LUAU 2.x for Macintosh can be downloaded from the location below:

You can also use an internal LiveUpdate server that runs on Windows. Configure it to download and make available the Macintosh content, then point your Mac clients to this server for updates.

If you are using LiveUpdate Administration Utility 1.x on Windows:
Using the LiveUpdate Administration Utility on a PC to download updates for Symantec AntiVirus 10 for Macintosh clients

If you are using LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x on Windows:
Installing and Configuring LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x)


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