Clients do not appear in Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh

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After installing, or upgrading the Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh (SACM) to version 1.0.2, newly installed client workstations do not add themselves to the list of managed clients. Previously managed clients will still appear in the SACM, however any newly installed systems, or systems that have the SMac Client software reinstalled do not add themselves into the list of managed clients. The version of the SMac Client software on the workstations are 1.0.3r016.

The client's SMacClient Err.log file will list repeated -51 and 18007 error messages. The -51 error indicates an issue with reporting the OS version of a client in a bootstrap attempt. The 18007 error indicates an invalid response back from the SACM.


This issue may be the result of a failed database upgrade and as a result, the "MacOSVersion" table not being present in the database.


Check whether the file "/Library/Application Support/Symantec/SMac/Tools/DBupgrade.sql" exists on SACM Server Machine.
Open a terminal and execute the following command:

mysql -u root -p < /Library/Application\ Support/Symantec/SMac/Tools/DBupgrade.sql
  1. If the SQL file does not exist, try upgrading the SACM again using the installer, or use the DBupgrade.sql file attached to this article. Save it to the "/Library/Application Support/Symantec/SMac/Tools" folder and run the MySQL command above again.
  2. Try un/reinstalling the SACM Client and see if it's communicating properly.



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