Troubleshooting Reporting logon prompt on Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM)

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Troubleshooting logon prompt in Reporting technology.

When an administrator logs onto the SEPM console, they see blank information in all of the tables on the Home Tab.

If any links in the Home, Monitors or Reports tabs are clicked, you see a logon prompt.


There are two common causes for this issue:
  • The %TMP% and %TEMP% system variables do not match. This can be checked using SET TEMP and SET TMP in a command prompt.
  • The permissions for the Users group is incorrect for the TEMP folder underneath %SYSTEMROOT%. By default, a Windows installation should allow specific permissions to the Users group. If these permissions are insufficient or not present then PHP is unable to create its session files, and cannot display graphics or proceed any further than the login page in the SEPM console. This can be corrected by assigning the appropriate permissions to the Users group. In the Permissions Entry dialog for the Users group, ensure that Traverse Folder/Execute File, Create Files/Write Data and Create Folders/Append Data are checked.

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