How to rename a resource in VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS).

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How to rename a resource in VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS).


VCS does not have a rename function as such, but there are two ways of doing renaming a resource:  

First, with any version of VCS it is possible to change the name of the resource in the file while the cluster is not running. When the cluster is started the resource will have the new name.  

The second method requires VCS 1.3.X. In this version a "copy" and "paste" function was added to the Cluster Manager GUI.  This allows the administrator to copy a resource and paste it into another service group or into the same service group, but with a new name.  Once the resource has been pasted in, delete the old resource and link the newly renamed resource in the old one's place and enable it (as a safety precaution the GUI will automatically set pasted in resources as "Enabled = 0" or disabled).  

For information about stopping and starting a cluster, changing the cluster configuration, or using the copy and paste feature in the VCS 1.3.X GUI please refer to the User's Guide.

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