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This document describes the Ghost.exe, Ghostpe.exe, and Ghostwks.exe switches that are related to user intervention.


SwitchTypeNotesGhost version
-RBRebootForces automatic reboot when finished cloning. Included in Ghost 5.1x and later.
-FXExit to DOSExit program when finished cloning.
-QUIETUser interventionNo screen display. Prevents the display of status updates, and prevents most prompts that require user intervention.

User intervention is at two prompts: "Proceed with disk load?" and "Reset computer or continue?"
Not available in Ghost 2001 and 2002
-SUREUser interventionUsed with the -CLONE switch to avoid the prompts "Partition size correct?" and "Proceed with disk load?"
  • If -SURE is run from a DOS command line, Ghost finishes the operation, bypasses the prompt "Reset computer or continue?" and returns to a DOS prompt.
  • If -SURE is run from the Ghost.exe graphical user interface (GUI), Ghost finishes the operation and displays the prompt "Reset computer or continue?"
Not available in Ghost 2001 and 2002
-BATCHUser interventionSame as -SURE -FX.
Also overrides all user messages and aborts.
Check Ghost return values when using this switch. Ghost indicates success by a return value of 0.
Not available in Ghost 2001 and 2002
-BLINDBatch mode processingDisables the UI while performing a command line specified clone operation.Ghost 8.0 only
-NOFILEOtherDisables the dumpfile file requester.

For a description of other Ghost switches, see the document Switches: Alphabetical list of switches.

Related information
-QUIET and -SURE switches do not function in Ghost 2001 and 2002

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