Ghost compatibility with Solid State drives

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You want to know if Ghost is able to clone Solid State drives.


The latest version of Ghost Solution Suite, 2.5.1(build 2266 and above) has shown to be compatible with Solid State hard drives and therefore should be able to create and restore images of these drives.

As a general rule, Ghost is not concerned with specific manufacturers of drives or how the data is stored, but rather talks to the controllers.  Thus, if it's a SATA SSD, then we will likely support it, because we're reading and writing to the controller.  Any problems with drives outside of this rule should be brought to the attention of Symantec via support.

Note: Versions previous to GSS 2.5.1 build 2266 are not compatible with Solid State hard drives.

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So far testing has been done on Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue 60GB SSD and a Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue 60GB SSD without issue.


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