How to troubleshoot Ghost lockup problems

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Ghost stops responding as soon as you launch it or while you are preparing a Ghost session.


Depending on when Ghost stops responding, try the following to fix the problem.

When Ghost freezes while copying the Master File Table (MFT)
  • The problem can be resolved by using a defragmenting utility, such as Diskeeper or PerfectDisk, to defragment the master file table. An evaluation copy of either software can be obtained at their website.

    Note: The Windows defragmentation tool will not defragment the MFT.

As soon as Ghost is started or when requesting a location to save or restore an image file
  • The OK button might not be responding. To select OK, press CTRL+O.
  • Boot to a clean boot disk that does not load any drivers. If Ghost works when booted in this fashion, the problem probably lies with the network setup or another driver that is being loading.
  • Run Ghost by using the -DL=xxx switch. The xxx should equal 127 plus the number of physical drives on the system. If the computer has 2 drives, the command would be: GHOST -DL=129.
  • Make sure all drives are properly set up as a master or as a slave where appropriate.
  • Make sure that any removable media drives, such as Zip and Jaz drives, have a disk in them. Sometimes Ghost locks if it is scanning the system and comes across a drive that has no disk in it, especially if that drive is configured in the BIOS.
  • If the computer has an Adaptec 2940 SCSI card, check the SCSI BIOS version. There have been problems with versions 1.21 and 1.22. Upgrading to the latest SCSI BIOS version should help. Alternatively, try using the -FNX switch. This switch disables Extended Interrupt 13 services, which can be a problem with the older Adaptec cards in combination with some BIOSes.
  • If you are booting from a Novell client boot disk, be sure you are loading LSL, IPXODI.COM, and your NIC driver into high memory with the LOADHIGH command.
  • When launching Ghost on the client computer, use the -FNI switch:

    ghost.exe -fni

    The -FNI switch forces Ghost to ignore direct IDE access and choose another access method.
  • If using a Gateway computer, try the following solutions:
    • Remove the entry in the file Config.sys or Autoexec.bat that loads the mouse drivers. Either insert the letters REM at the beginning of the entry, or see the document How to remove mouse support with Ghost.
    • Use the -FNI switch.

When requesting a location to save an image file
  • Run Ghost with the -NOFILE switch. This requires that you type in the full path to where you want to store the image file.
  • Use the various geometry detection switches as described in the document Switches: Drive detection.
  • In some cases, this problem may occur when using an Iomega Zip drive. Resolve the problem by uninstalling the Zip drive or by editing the computer's BIOS to disable the IDE port that the Zip drive uses.

Multicast Server stops responding on startup
  • Ensure that there is only one NIC in the computer. Multiple NICs can confuse Ghost Multicast Server as to which is the proper NIC to use.
  • Clean boot the Ghost client computer and reboot the Ghost server. If one of the Ghost client computer(s) has a problem, it may cause other client computers to not work properly.

Stops responding in any of the above situations
Replace the PC DOS files on the boot floppy disk with MS DOS files. See the document How to replace the DOS files

To save a file to a CD/DVD R/RW drive
If one of the previous switches resolves the problem, and Ghost cannot see the CD/DVD R/RW drive, then try the following solutions:
  • Check the drive configuration in the computer's BIOS. One or more drives might be improperly configured. Disabling selected drives might resolve the problem.
  • Update the computer's BIOS.

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