ODBC errors while installing Ghost Server, running Ghost Console, or running an ODBC application

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You see errors with the ODBC drivers on your system. These occur during the installation of Ghost Server or while running Ghost Console. The errors might also occur after installing Ghost, while running a program that uses the ODBC drivers.


When applicable, Ghost 6.0 and later install the Microsoft ODBC drivers. The version that Ghost installs is the latest version that was available at the time of the Ghost version release. Symantec Ghost 7.5 was released in December, 2001.

Problems occur while installing or using Ghost
If Ghost cannot properly install the new ODBC drivers, it is usually due to a problem with the existing Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) drivers. To resolve the problem, install the latest MDAC drivers, then install Ghost. Microsoft's MDAC drivers are available at:

    Note: As of March, 2001 the latest version of these drivers is 2.60.6526.3

Problems occur with your ODBC application after installing Ghost
When your ODBC application, such as Oracle, worked before installing Ghost, but not after, it is usually due to ODBC application using an older version of the ODBC drivers, which might not be compatible with Microsoft's latest ODBC specifications. To resolve the problem, contact your ODBC applications vendor for updates to the program.

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