Error: "Could not load NTSNX driver...The CMDS service is not started..." while starting the computer

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You created a boot disk that maps a drive to a Windows NT 4.0 server. During startup, you see one or more of the following messages

"Could not load NTSNX driver."
"CMDS.EXE service has not been started."
"The CMDS service is not started because the file cmds.exe could not be found."


The problem may be related to the Cmds.exe file on the boot floppy disk. To resolve the problem, replace Cmds.exe with the attached Cmds16.exe file and edit Autoexec.bat to load Cmds16.exe instead of Cmds.exe. The Cmds.exe file is located in the Net folder on the floppy disk.

NOTE: If the Cmds16.exe file is too large to fit on the floppy disk even after you remove Cmds.exe, delete the Drvspace.bin file. Ghost does not use Drvspace.bin.


To edit Autoexec.bat
Make two changes to Autoexec.bat:
  • Replace the filename Cmds.exe with the filename CMDS16.exe
  • If the file contains the line CMDS USE, replace the line with the command NET USE


Cmds16.exe (365 kBytes)

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