How to use pcAnywhere with a Dynamic IP Address or Domain Naming Service

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You have an Internet connection that utilizes a Dynamic IP address. Every time you want to connect to a pcAnywhere host, you have to check the TCP/IP address. You want to know how to connect to a computer without having to check the TCP/IP address each time, or you want to make use of a Domain Naming Service to provide a name for the computer on the Internet.


With a Dynamic IP address, usually only the last octet (last 3 digits) of the number ever changes. pcAnywhere can browse through a range of IP addresses. Using the steps outlined below, you can have pcAnywhere browse through a range of IP addresses and then select the correct computer to connect to or, make use of a Domain Naming Service.

Browse a range of IP addresses


Start pcAnywhere Manager, click Remotes.
Right-click the Remote item, and then click Properties.
Click the Settings Tab.
In the "Network host PC to control" field, type the subnet that the computer is on.

The subnet is the IP address of the computer, except that the last octet is 255. For example, if the IP address of the computer is, then the subnet is Note that if you browse a subnet using the 255 octet, you are sending UDP packets to all the ports on that subnet. Some networks may be configured to prevent this.


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