Error: "(33000) Peer/Multicasting session terminated" while running a Backup Regime or Image Create Task.

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When you use Ghost's Backup Regime feature to save a backup file or you run an Image Create Task, you see the message "Abort: 33000 Peer/Multicast session terminated," and then Ghost exits to DOS.


This problem occurs when Ghost attempts to save the image file to a location that does not support long file names or the destination of the image file is inaccessible.


To prevent the problem:
  • Save the Backup Regime files to a network computer that supports long file names, or to the same computer on which you installed the Ghost Console.
    Note: Ghost does not include a feature that gives you control over the file names of the incremental backups.
  • Save the image using the 8.3 naming convention for the image file.
  • Create a folder on the root of C: and store the image in the new folder.
  • All the resources that are used by a client-initiated task must reside on either the client computer or on the Console computer:

This problem can occur if you are running a client initiated task, and all of the necessary resources are not available on the Ghost Console. To avoid this problem, make sure that the image file and all associated files are located on the Ghost Console computer.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices:
This error can also occur if the image is being created to a location on the root directory of a NAS(Network Attached Storage) device. To resolve this, create a new folder on the root of the NAS device and map it as a network drive. This usually resolves the error in these environments.

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