Unlocking the keyboard and mouse during smeclnt activity in ON Command CCM

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You want to know how to unlock the mouse and keyboard with the + unlock hotkey.


ON Command CCM uses a simple algorithm to generate hotkey combinations based on the smeclnt password. Each hot key is three letters in length (no numbers or special characters). The default hotkey is csd. The hotkey is not case sensitive. The following algorithm is used to generate the hotkey from the smeclnt password:
  1. Parse through the smeclnt password and build a new string by extracting only the allowable letters in the password.
  2. If the length of the string made from the allowable letters is >= 3, use the first three letters as the hot key.
  3. If the length is either 1 or 2, repeat the string over and over until the length is >= 3, and then use the first three letters as the hot key.
  4. If the length is 0, use csd as the hotkey.

The table below contains some examples.

smeclnt password








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