Ports used by ON Command CCM version 5.x and iCommand version 3.x

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You need to know what ports are used by ON Command CCM services.


Desktop Agent during Script execution: access to depot and config shares will be following Windows TCP/IP NBT specifications. This is usually a range of high free ports asigned by the Server TCP/IP - (Winsock) module. The only working solution for ON Command CCM client access through a firewall is to use third party or MS Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software.


The following table lists what ports are used by the various product services.
    Short Name
    Config File
    67UDPDHCP or bootp Server Listening RFC standard * Site Service optional DHCP or BootPCCMBOOTPbootptab or dhcp relay or server
    68UDPBootp client BootP onlysdaparam.exe for boot.ovl and minisys
    69UDPListening for TFTP request RFC standardCCM TFTPCCMTFTPregistry only
    2638TCPData Base ASA accessAdaptive Server AnywhereASANYE_CCMASAccmdb.cfg
    3114UDPAuto Discover, Site Service optionalCCM AutoDiscoverCCMADccmad.cfg
    3154TCPRMI Java object moduleCCM RMICCMRMIccmrmi.cfg
    54321TCPListening for Administration tool and serverCCM LocatorCCMLOCATORccmlocator.cfg
    484UDPListening for SDA connect requestCCM PreOS Service
    CCM Locator Service
    485UDPIf only running locator on CCM server, Site Service optionalCCM PreOS ServiceCCMPREOSccmpreos.cfg
    8443TCPiCommand Java Agent Support DemonCCM Web ServicesCCMWEBccmjass.cfg
    484TCPStandard CCM PortmapperCCM PortmapperCCMPMccmpm.cfg

    UDPUDP Dummy port number for sending magic wake up packages and hardcoded Intel WOL specsCCM Push - WOL ReceiverCCMDBccmdb.cfg
    137,139TCPFile shares (PIT)MS Workstation / Samba
    8080TCP iCommand Web ServerCCM Web ServicesCCMWEBccmjass.cfg
    dynamicTCPDesktop Agent Push and Notify Service
    TCP_SERVER_PORT in config file can be fixed
    CCM Push Wcontrol
    dynamicTCPDesktop Agent Support
    TCP_SERVER_PORT in config file can be fixed
    CCM Deskop AgentsupportCCMDASSccmdass.cfg
    dynamicTCP smeclnt password serviceCCM PasswordCCMPWDccmpwd.cfg
    dynamicTCPDepot Replicator * optional ServiceCCM Replicator ServiceCCMREPLICATORccmreplicator.cfg
    dynamicTCPCCM Database API (Admin tools)CCM DatabaseCCMDBccmdb.cfg

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