How to configure CCM DHCP options on Checkpoints Meta IP Server

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Setting up DHCP options on Checkpoints Meta IP Server


  1. To set the DHCP Option tags on the META-IP server, click DHCP options:

  2. From the list of available options, select and configure the following DHCP option tags as required:
    Next Server = IP-address of TFTP server where boot.ovl resides (siaddr)
    File Name = Absolute path to boot overlay file
    Option 128 = IP-address in hex-format of CCM Redirector/Relocator or CCM Server

    Note: Do not select the option tags (066) TFTP server name and (067) Bootfile since these options are not the same as those used in Microsoft's DHCP server.

    If the Next Server option is not set, META-IP automatically adds its own address to the siaddr field in the DHCP Offer.

  3. If the TFTP service is running on a different server than the DHCP server, select the option "Next Server" to specify the IP address of the server where the tftp service is running.

  4. Select the option "file" to define the path to the boot overlay file.

  5. This option is used to define the IP address of the CCM Server or the server running the CCM Redirector. The IP address must be entered in hexadecimal format.

    The above configuration results in the following dhcpd.conf file:
    # dhcpd.conf
    # Written 09/12/2001 12:33:08 by Meta IP 4.1 DHCP Exporter (build 4883)
    option dhcp-server-identifier;
    option subnet-mask;
    option option-128 C1:62:20:E8;
    filename "/etc/integra/tftp/boot.ovl";
    use-switched-network false;
    uam-updates true;
    default-lease-time 259200;
    boot-unknown-clients true;
    allow-hostname-underscore true;
    max-lease-time 432000;
    shared-network "POOL1" {subnet netmask { # POOL1
    } # POOL1
    } # POOL1

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