Ghost client freezes or reports 0 MB transferred, and the GhostCast server reports the "Client timed out" during session.

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You are trying to restore or create an image of a system with an Intel 875 mainboard chipset and an integrated Intel gigabit network interface card (NIC). The client freezes at random points during the imaging process, and the GhostCast server reports that the "Client timed out." You have the latest version of Ghost.exe.




This problem has been fixed in Symantec Ghost 8.2. For information on the latest version of Symantec Ghost, see the document How to obtain current version of Symantec Ghost.

Possible workarounds
  • If you have a licensed copy of Symantec Ghost 7.5, you must upgrade to Symantec Ghost 8.2.
    For upgrade information, see the document How to obtain current version of Symantec Ghost.
  • If you are using Norton Ghost 2003, the latest LiveUpdate includes the fix for this issue.
    To run LiveUpdate for Ghost 2003, open the program and then click LiveUpdate.
  • Disable the onboard network card, and try adding it as a separate NIC.
  • If you have dual NICs on the computer, you must remove one of them.
    Symantec does not support a Ghost client computer on which dual network interface cards are installed. For more information, read the document How to use a different NIC on a client computer that has multiple NICs.

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-fni -ffx do not work

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