Troubleshooting starting or unexpected exiting of ON Command CCM services

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You want information about common startup issues of ON Command CCM related services, and want to know how to troubleshoot these issues.


ON Command CCM Services depend on each other to a great extent. The only services not dependent on other ON Command CCM services are ccmft.exe and the bootp.exe. All other services depend on either the ON Command CCM RMI service, the database, or the ON Command CCM Portmapper service. Therefore the ccmrmi service, the database, and the ccmpm service are usually started first.

If you use the standard ccm.bat file to manually start or stop your ON Command CCM services, then the sequence is already preset.

To manually start the services, use the following sequence:
  1. CCM RMI Registry
  2. Adaptive Server Anywhere (ccmasa)
  3. CCM Database service
  4. CCM Portmapper service
  5. CCM Password service
  6. CCM Windows Agent Support service
  7. CCM Notification service
  8. CCM File Transfer service
  9. CCM Pre-OS service

Start all other Services that are optional after these.

Some services can only be started in console mode for further troubleshooting. The Services able to be run in console mode are:
    • CCM AutoDiscover
    • CCM Database Services
    • CCM Locator Services
    • CCM RMI Services

To start any of these services, the higher level service on which these services depend on must be started prior to using the console started services. Use the above mentioned list to determine if the service depends on either the RMI, the database,the Portmapper, or all of them.

To start any of the console services in console mode use the -s console switch at then end of your command line. An alternate switch for some versions is -console omitting the 's' entirely. Here is an example command for starting the ccmrmi service in console mode:
    ..\ccm\config\services\rmiregistry\ccmrmi -s console

Starting ccmrmi in console mode rather than as a service delivers more debug output.

Occasionally Windows is unable to start services because a higher dependency service is not started, but the dependency was not explicitly mentioned. For example, all ON Command CCM Services depend on an existing Network service not explicitly mentioned. A service can also terminate unwanted for multiple reasons that are usually logged in the systems event log. If you experience occasional startup or terminate problems, modify the ON Command CCM Services recovery options.

To modify the ON Command CCM Services recovery options
  1. Open the Service Control Manager.
  2. Right-click on the service name, and then click Properties.
  3. On the Recovery tab, under "Select the computer's response if this service fails" check all three failure options to restart the service after 1 minute.
  4. Set the Reset fail count option to 2 days.
  5. Perform steps 2 through 4 for all ON Command CCM Services.

If you experience permanent startup problems, try running the following command:
    ...ccm\config\utilities\setperm -f ccm.apf

You may have a problem where the user system is unable to launch due to improper access rights. Setperm resets the credentials to the way that they were set during the initial installation. If this does not help, try reinstalling the CCM services.

If ON Command CCM services are frequently terminated unexpectedly, set the service debug level to the maximum value for further troubleshooting (this is usually 5). To set service debug levels, modify the service configuration file that resides in the same folder as the service itself. The file has the service executable name with a .cfg extension. All modified settings require a service restart to become active.The log file is written to the ccm\config\log folder, and has the service executable name with the .log extension.

For Symantec technical Support, please provide an export of the event log. Include all event log files (security, application, system) in the original evt format. Additionally, please provide the whole zipped ..ccm\config\log folder.

To manually install or remove the ON Command CCM services see the following document: Manually installing or uninstalling the CCM services

To troubleshoot the ON Command CCM AutoDiscover Service see the following document: AutoDiscover does not start - CCMAD: Invalid package mappings - exiting.. Error

Technical Information
To Generate clean logs from the problem client and the ON Command CCM server

  1. Stop the wcontrol service on the client. To do this, open command window and type:

    net stop wcontrol
  2. Delete (or move) the contents of c:\_integra\logs
  3. Stop the services on the CCM server. To do this, open a command window and type:

    ccm stop
  4. Delete (or move) the contents of c:\ccm\config\log
  5. Restart the wcontrol service on the client. To do this, open command window and type:

    net start wcontrol
  6. Restart the CCM services. To do this, open a command window and type:

    cm start
  7. Run a job to a specific client.
  8. Zip up and send the whole c:\ccm\config\log and c:\_integra\logs directories.

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