'Signature Failure' or 'Bad Block' errors when restoring an image to IBM laptops

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You attempt to restore an image to an IBM laptop, such as the T42 or R51. After the image is restored, upon booting , a 'Signature Failure' error may occur or an error message indicating that Ghost has encountered bad blocks.


IBM laptops or notebooks manufactured in 2004 and later use an EISA utility partition and an MBR (Master Boot Record) that is written across four sectors. Industry wide practice writes this boot information across a single sector. Depending on your situation, use the Ghost -ID or -IB switch to resolve this problem. In some cases, you will not be able to view the resulting image in the Ghost Image Explorer.

Which switch to use with the IBM Lenovo laptops:
  • Try the -IB switch when you create the image. This will cause Ghost to include fragments of the Master Boot Record (MBR) as they exist on this type of laptop. This switch will help make an image of the entire disk.
  • You could also use the -ID switch. This option will cause a 'sector' copy that includes all the partitions, including the hidden utility partition. NOTE: A sector copy will include all of the free space on the disk as well as the actual data. Using the -ID switch activates the -IB switch and performs a sector copy of the Master Boot Record.
  • You could also use the -FDSP switch to suppress the initialization of the disk. Preserving the disk signature as it was on the model computer has been known to correct this issue.
  • In some cases, the fingerprint reader must be uninstalled because it changes the way that Microsoft uses the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen. Without the fingerprint reader uninstalled, the computer might not image unless you are logged in.

For more information on Ghost switches, see the document Switches: Sector copy.

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This issue is further explained and outlined in the IBM document, Partition does not boot after being restored with Norton Ghost.

The Lenovo computers typically use SATA drives. See "Troubleshooting the use of SATA hard drives with Ghost" for additional information.

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