Examples of usage for the -preserve and the -preserveifexists switches.

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Here are some examples of usage for the -preserve switch. This switch can be used with the Ghost executable.


ghost32 -clone,mode=prestore,src=c:\test.gho:1,dst=1:1 -preserve=1:1\file1.txt (preserves file 1:1\file1.txt to partition 1:1)

ghost32 -clone,mode=prestore,src=c:\test.gho:1,dst=1:1 -preserve=1:1\file1.txt=newfilename.txt (preserves file 1:1\file1.txt, file renamed to 1:1\newfilename.txt)

ghost32 -clone,mode=prestore,src=c:\test.gho:1,dst=1:1 -preserve=1:1\folder (preserves 1:1\folder (and its subfolders & files) to partition 1:1)

ghost32 -clone,mode=prestore,src=c:\test.gho:1,dst=1:1 -preserve=1:1\folder=newfolder (preserves 1:1\folder (and its subfolders & files), folder renamed to 1:1\newfolder)

When using the -preserve switch, if the specified file or folder doesn't exist, Ghost will abort with error message.
The -preserveifexists switch works in the same way as the -preserve switch except that if a file/folder specified doesn't exist, Ghost will just ignore the preserve entry.

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