What types of analog modems work with pcAnywhere?

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You would like to use pcAnywhere with an analog phone modem and would like advice about what type of modem to use.



Symantec does not offer a list of supported modems. We suggest using a 56k modem to optimize the connection speed. For general information about purchasing a modem, visit:


See the documents: 

Technical Information
Modems come in three types: 

  1. External hardware modems. These modems connect to the computer with a serial cable. They have all the circuitry to do their job and do not require assistance from the computer itself.
  2. Internal hardware modems. This type of modem is installed into the computer and it too has all the workings to do its job without help from the computer.
  3. Software modems. Software modems are cheap and simple, but must have help from the computer's CPU in order to function. In some cases, software modems do not work as well as hardware modems. 

Note:  Software modems may not fully emulate the hardware modems funtionality and my not perform properly in all cases.  Symantec recomends the use of hardware modems for best performance. 

Modems use what is call a 'COM port' to communicate with other parts of the computer. Modems that are installed with a COM port above 4 are 'not supported.' These modems may have difficulties connecting and fall outside of what can be used consistently with pcAnywhere. If you have a COM port of 5 or higher, you may want to contact the modem vendor to move it to a COM port between 1 and 4 inclusive.

Some modems have an IRQ in the range called 'virtual.' While Symantec does support modems with virtual IRQ's, if you have prolems with this type of modem after updating your modem driver, you may want to contact the modem vendor and ask to have your modem put on a standard IRQ.

It is possible to determine if a modem is a sofware or 'win' modem by checking to see if the modem is listed in the MSCONFIG window under 'Services.' If the modem is listed, then a service is started with Windows that interfaces with the modem.


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