Hiding or suppressing the Symantec LiveState agent for Windows icons from the taskbar and pop-up windows

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You need to know how to hide the Symantec LiveState agent for Windows icon from the taskbar or suppress dialog boxes and pop-up windows.


To set quietmode values on a client
To hide the icon and dialog boxes you must create or edit the following registry DWORD value:


QuietMode is a bitmask value that allows control over four distinct behaviors of the Windows Agent. The values that are described in this document are all in hex, not decimal.

The supported values include any combination of the following:

Descriptions of each value:
NO_SERVICE_DLGS = don't display the little dialog windows with the dots "..." during script execution
NO_SCREXEC_DLGS = don't display the screxec.exe dialog showing the assigned packages
NO_TRAY_ICON = don't display the system tray icon (traffic light)
NO_CONN_FAULT_DLG = don't display the connection error dialog (Error 4001)

To suppress NO_SERVICE_DLGS and NO_SCREXEC_DLGS, set QuietMode = 0x3
To suppress only NO_TRAY_ICON, set QuietMode = 0x4
To suppress only NO_CONN_FAULT_DLG, set QuietMode = 0x8
To suppress NO_SERVICE_DLGS and NO_CONN_FAULT_DLG, set QuietMode = 0x9
To suppress all four of the behaviors, set QuietMode = 0xF

To set quietmode defaults for new agent deployments.
These values can also be set to be the default for new agent deployments. To do this requires making a change in the configuration file for the deployment package.

For the LiveState Delivery software, the file is: C:\Symantec\LiveState\config\services\commonapps\cfg\agent_registry_settings_type_lsd.cfg

For the Patch Manager, the file is: C:\Symantec\LiveState\config\services\commonapps\cfg\agent_registry_settings_type_lspm.cfg

Locate the line in the cfg file 'quietmode=number,3'. The default value of 3 can be changed as per the examples above.

Technical Information
Quietmode can also be set as a package property. When using Symantec Package Manager, go to the Environment tab of a package and add the variable

This is useful if the agent default is Quietmode=0 (display everything). For individual packages that should silently run in the background enable quietmode for those packages only.

Example: in a mixed PatchManager / Delivery environment run all jobs with user logged off, but run the "Symantec Patch Manager scan package" daily in the background.

The QUIETMODE environment variable can also be used together with


which also can be set as a package property.

Additional QUIETMODE tags.

Add dialogs to be hidden in a comma separated list

Enforce dialogs to pop up:

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