Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) Service will not start

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The ASA service for CCM / iCommand / LiveState will not start

In the Windows Application Event Log, there are entries for the ASA service stating that "Another server has already started" or "A database server with that name has already started"


Verify that the ccm.db file is present in its expected location under %SME_ROOT%\services\ccmdb. A restore of the database files to the wrong drive may explain why the ccm.db file is not in its expected location.
  1. The CCM, iCommand, and LiveState configuration servers all use a unique string to name each instance of the database server. This string is constructed from the server's hostname and IP address. The ASA server name is only created during the installation and does not change automatically, even after changing the configuration server's hostname and/or IP address. The error shown above can occur when two configuration servers are running with the same unique string. This may occur if a Ghost image of a server is deployed to a second computer while the original is still running, or if the hostname and IP address of a configuration server are changed while another configuration server is already running with the original hostname and IP address values.

    Some options in this situation are to:
    A. Shut down one of the ASA Servers (and therefore all of the CCM / iCommand / LiveState services)

    B. Reinstall one of the configuration servers to generate a new ASA Server name

    C. Modify the start options of the ASA service on the second computer to specify a unique string. The string exists in two locations:

      i. In the registry under HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ASANYe_ccmasa\Parameters in a key named Parameters. Modify the Parameters key such that the -n option is followed by a unique combination of server name and IP address. For example, a LiveState Delivery server may use this Parameters string (note that this is one contiguous string):

      -ct -ti 0 -tl 0 -x tcpip -n ccm*LSD1* C:\Symantec\LiveState\config\services\ccmdb\ccm.db C:\Symantec\LiveState\config\services\replicator\db\replicator.db

      ii. In delivery.bat under %SME_ROOT%\dbin, modify the line near the top of the file which begins "set ASADBNAME=". Set the string to the same value as you entered in the registry.

      For example: set ASADBNAME=ccm*LSD1*

    Once you have made the changes to both locations, try to start the Adaptive Server Anywhere service from within the Services extension of Control Panel. If that succeeds, restart the computer and then verify that all of the CCM / iCommand / LiveState services start successfully.

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