Unable to run a Ghost clone plus configuration task in one task

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The configuration task is failing to join the client machine to the domain when the configuration is run in the same task as the clone. If two different tasks are executed, a clone followed by a configuration task, joining to the domain is successful.

When the task fails, it produces the following message: “The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship.”

  • The "sysprep" file has spaces before and after the equal sign for the "Computername" and/or for the "JoinWorkGroup."



"GHConfig" does not expect spaces before or after the equal signs in the "sysprep" file.


This issue was addressed in GSS 2.5.

Workaround for 2.0.x
There are spaces before and after the equal sign for "ComputerName" and "JoinWorkGroup" which need to be removed.

  1. Extract out the answer file from the image using the Ghost Explorer.
  2. Open the answer file in a text editor. Delete the spaces in the "sysprep" file for the "Computername" and "JoinWorkGroup."
  3. Take the modified answer file and add it back into the image.
  4. Re-try a task with" clone plus configuration steps."


      Computername = *
      JoinWorkgroup = WORKGROUP


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