Overview of how Ghost works with virtual machines.

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Does Ghost work with virtual machines?


Ghost versions 11.0 and earlier were not designed to work with virtual machines and are not supported.
  • Only Ghost versions 11.5 and newer are tested and known to work with virtual machines.
  • VMWare (VMDK) virtual hardware versions (generations) 4.x and up are supported, however it is recommended to use the latest version of VMWare.
  • A VMDK from a specific version (generation) is only supported when restored back into that version. In other words VMDK 5.5 into 5.5.
  • The following limitation exists: A Ghost created VMDK will only open in VMWare v6 and up.
  • Other virtual environments and versions older than 4 are unsupported.
  • GSS 2.5 and lower does not support ESX server edition. ESX server edition has not been tested and verified through development.
  • Any ".gho" images created from VM will not be viewable with GhostExplorer.
  • Integrity checks done on a ".gho" file of a VM machine may or may not fail even if the image is sound.
  • Only "Ghost32.exe" can read a .VMDK.
  • Ghost can load more than 1 VMDK as a disk but no more that 1 snapshot at a time.
  • You can use "gdisk32.exe" on a VMDK.
  • "ghconfig" can change the computer name, but not join the machine to a domain.
  • "Ghostwalker" and "ghregedit" work normally.

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