How to apply the LiveUpdate 1 (Build 2125) for Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.

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You need to know how to apply the LiveUpdate for Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.


Note: There are three updates for the Ghost Solution Suite 2.5. LiveUpdate must be run three separate times to get all three. If you have trouble with LiveUpdate, you may also download the updates from the Symantec web site. See below under ' Alternate way of getting the LiveUpdates ' for instructions for downloading the updates.

Step 1: Obtaining the LiveUpdate
  1. From the Ghost Console or Ghost Explorer, choose Help > LiveUpdate
  2. Follow the prompts to download the LiveUpdate

Step 2: Patch operation
  1. After running the LiveUpdate operation, you'll be given the option to apply the LiveUpdate immediately or to wait. If yes is chosen, the LiveUpdate is immediately applied.
  2. Regardless of whether the LiveUpdate is applied immediately or not, the update package will be placed on the desktop of the currently logged in user.

Step 3: Verifying that the LiveUpdate was successfully applied

Note: This package updates the Ghost Boot Wizard and related configuration files only. The console version number is not updated.

There are two methods you could use to determine if this LiveUpdate has been correctly applied to a particular system:
  1. Start the Ghost Boot Wizard. The Ghost Boot Wizard version number displayed at the bottom of the first page will read if the update was successfully applied.
  2. Check the Program Files\Symantec\Ghost\patch folder for a file called "boot wizard-". If the file is present, the update was applied successfully.

Updating the Standalone Tools Installation:

The standalone tools can be updated by starting Ghost Explorer and choosing Help > LiveUpdate

Reapply the LiveUpdate package after performing a repair operation:

If a ‘repair’ operation is performed on the Standard Ghost Tools or Ghost Console installation, the LiveUpdated Ghost Boot Wizard and related files will be replaced with the original files from the installation. Therefore, the LiveUpdate must be reapplied after a ‘repair’ operation. To reapply the LiveUpdate, open Program Files\Symantec\Ghost\patch\boot wizard- and execute Patch.WSF. This is an equivalent operation to executing the LiveUpdate package when prompted by LiveUpdate.

Additional Notes:

After applying the update, Ghost Boot Wizard will display a warning on startup if MSXML6 is not installed. MSXML6 is required for many PE editing operations. The message does not block the execution of the Ghost Boot Wizard. If this warning message appears, PE editing and refresh operations should not be performed without first installing MSXML6. To obtain MSXML6, use the link below under 'References.'

Alternate way of getting the LiveUpdate:

Contact Symantec Technical Support at 800-634-4747 to obtain the updates in executable form. Before calling for support, make sure you have your support contract information handy so that a support ticket can be created as quickly as possible.

What has changed in this update:

Title: 'Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 2.5 Software Change Notice (SCN) for the LiveUpdate for Ghost Boot Wizard'

IMPORTANT: There are two other LiveUpdates.

See also: 'Ghost questions and problems regarding LiveUpdate' available at

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