The Broadcom NetXtreme II GigE Vista driver does not provide networking support in the Microsoft Windows PE 2.0 [Vista] Pre-OS environment

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When trying to image a server that uses a Broadcom NetXtreme II GigE network card from a Microsoft Windows PE 2.0 [Vista] Pre-OS environment, you find that you have no networking support in Ghost. Further, if you download the Vista driver for that card from the Broadcom website and then try to create a new network template in the Ghost Boot Wizard, you get an error message telling you, "Failed to import driver. Failed to find any drivers to add."



Try one of the following solutions:

  • The Windows Server 2003 - RIS driver has been known to resolve network connectivity in some cases. You can download this driver from the following URL:

Once you have the driver downloaded and extracted, add it to your Windows PE image file via the Ghost Boot Wizard as you normally would. For more information about drivers to Windows PE via the Ghost Boot Wizard, see the document How to add drivers to DeployAnywhere or WinPE

  • If the driver above does not resolve the issue, contact the manufacturer of the computer and download the Windows Vista version of the driver that they provide.

Hint: If you're not sure of the best driver to include on your Ghost Boot CD, test the drivers beforehand using the computer that has been booted up with an existing Windows PE boot disk. Proceed as follows:

  1. Download the Broadcom (NIC manufacturer) driver listed above as well as the driver provided by the manufacturer of the computer.
  2. Extract the contents of both sets of driver files to their own individual folder.
  3. Once you have the extracted drivers, copy them to a USB flash device.
  4. Plug the flash device into the computer that you have booted into Windows PE and install the drivers using the knowledge base document Adding a Device driver to Online WinPE as a guide.
  5. Install the drivers one at a time until you find the one that gives you network connectivity. After you install the driver, you may want to wait about a minute before checking connectivity.
  6. Once you have determined which is the correct driver, add it to the new Windows PE boot disk you create using the Ghost Boot Wizard.
  • Please note that Windows PE does not support network port teaming. If your switch is configured for teaming, you may have to use a port without teaming.

If, after taking the steps above, you're still having connectivity issues, here are some additional workarounds that might allow you to accomplish your imaging task:

  1. Perform local imaging operations using Ghost32.exe and a local external hard drive.
  2. Install a different network interface card in the server and add a network template to the Ghost Boot Wizard for that new card.
  3. Perform your imaging from a PE environment other than Microsoft Windows PE 2.0 [Vista]
    • Note: Keep in mind that Deploy Anywhere was only designed to run from the Microsoft Windows PE 2.0 [Vista] Pre-OS environment. If you use a Pre-OS other than Windows PE 2.0, you likely will not have the ability to retarget images to different hardware.
    • Note: Symantec Technical Support will not be able to assist with the creation of 3rd party PE environments. Support in these environments would apply to the use of Ghost only and Support Technicians may ask you to try to reproduce issues in a conventional environment.



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